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For several months, I wandered around between the various areas of the youth and first team from England (Liverpool and Blackburn Rovers) to end up in Scotland with the Glasgow Rangers. I signed a contract for three and half years with the club’s more prestigious Scottish league.

The years I spent in the Rangers’ club made ​​me grow up quickly in all areas of a man, but especially in character. I trained with players who had won major championships, participated in World Cups, and who earned wages that would make your head spin (e.g., Ronald de Boer, Barry Ferguson, Michael Arteta, Lorenzo Amoruso, Claudio Caniggia, Arthur Numan, Stephan Klose, Shota Arvelatze, Tore Andre Flo).  I also had the privilege of knowing the most amazing coaches (the likes of Dick Advocaat and Alex Mcleish).  Although I was only 18 years old,  I realized how rare and unique this kind of environment was.

My team comrades in the youth sector, but mostly of the first team, and especially Lorenzo Amoruso, helped me immensely to prepare mentality.

I really have to thank all the people I had met in that unique journey that lasted about two and a half years.

During that time, the Glasgow Rangers began to develop and understand how to run such a high-level club, and how to make improvements and changes to the organization of this fantastic sport that is called soccer.

However, as the years passed, I was not able to take off in my career as I had wanted and how my coaches had hoped I would. This was prevented, I think, due to fate, bad luck and the people that happened to surround me during that time. But looking back, I can now admit that I can define success differently and learn from my mistakes.

After reluctantly leaving Scotland, I landed in the Serie A Ancona, debuting just 20th in the Italian top flight.  Here, I played alongside great champions like Goran Pander, Maurizio Ganz, Rapajc and many others who have taught me a lot.

During the years that followed I tried to become what I thought I was born to be… a professional star footballer, as my old teammates of AS Roma had become (just like Daniele De Rossi, Alberto Aquilani, Simone Pepe and others).  But as the years went on and past experience had taught me (as in Poland with Widzew Lotdz), most of the time talent alone is not enough.

Timing, (the need to be at the right place at the right time), and above all, taking care to surround yourself by good people who support you before their own interests.

The dreams of many players have been broken and their futures have been compromised by being around the wrong people. So, I have decided to create this project especially for those who can, one day, see a bright future;  a future even better than the one they once envisioned.

This project is primarily for this reason. I now believe that I was destined to create a high level professional club that will give athletes the opportunity to realize their dreams.

The management staff will be of a professional level, equal to that of Barcelona or Manchester United. They will make a positive impact on all those with who they come into contact.  In the next ten years, I want to create the strongest and most prestigious club in all America.  A club that will play in the Intercontinental Cup.

Let us remember that the two teams which have been among the strongest in the world for decades started from nothing. Anything can be accomplished with the right will and determination. If someone can dream, continuously work and move forward, without fear, they certainly will have won this game we call life … I believe I did just that.

So, along with the collaboration of many professionals who have helped me, I have built my project “the Fusion”. I am now the President/CEO and founder of  F Group International and am creating this project with my growing valuable team.

I threw myself into this adventure, while keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground, moving in careful steps at the right time.

I know that whoever will see this brief introduction into my life will relate, even if only a small amount, to what I now believe.

Because of this I know that this project and dream will become a reality.

Thank you,